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This is the Part

Where You Laugh

This is the Part Where You Laugh

a young adult novel

Travis never gives up.
Not when his mom takes off.
Not when he gets suspended from basketball.
Not when he cracks four ribs jumping off a bridge to impress a girl.
Not when he and his best friend Creature get into trouble deeper than they know how to handle.


Good + Bad

“A memorable story of good kids transcending rough lives…. What might seem didactic in lesser hands feels realistic and right here. Messages are delivered in natural dialogue, the well-drawn characters speaking from the heart with wisdom derived from firsthand experience.”


— Kirkus

“So real it hurts. Hoffmeister explores the depths of family and addiction, friendship and first love with the skill of a writer who knows his way around—and I was happy to follow. This story will stick with you.”


— David Arnold, New York Times bestselling author of Kids of Appetite

“A unique, unforgettable tale that is a must-have for all YA collections.”


— School Library Journal, SLJ Popular Pick

“A powerful story… Hoffmeister has done a wonderful job of allowing the reader to get into the head of a young man whose world seems to be crashing down around him.” 



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