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Let Them Be

Eaten By Bears


Let Them

Be Eaten By Bears

an outdoor guide

Based on the author’s acclaimed Integrated Outdoor Program, Let Them Be Eaten By Bears is Peter Hoffmeister’s inspiring guide to getting kids to enjoy and appreciate nature. Drawing from his personal and professional background as an educator, guide, writer, and father, Peter reminds his readers of the adventurous pleasure of the great outdoors. This book teaches why children need nature in their lives, how to begin and continue going on adventures with them, and how to enjoy the process along the way.


Good + Bad

“[Hoffmeister] makes it sound so fun!  His relatable writing and first-person stories will convince you to hop in puddles, gaze at clouds, and share the wonders of nature with your children.” 


— Parents Magazine

“This book is a how-to, a call to action and a lot of fun…Hoffmeister will make you a believer.”


— The Register Guard

“In an age where humans desperately need to get out in nature again, Hoffmeister’s practical guidance is a bridge to get us over the gap of our fears and not-knowing. They say ‘the knowing is in the doing’ – Hoffmeister clearly has the knowing, and his sharing of it will help you into your own doing.”


— Evan McGown, co-author of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature

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