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I can do the same things forever:

  • Swim in a river

  • Play with dogs

  • Camp on an island...

Let’s begin with truth: Every writer has felt writer’s block on some level. You aren’t the only one, and it’s not just struggling writers or young writers or failing writers. Everyone who attempts to write well for an extended period of time will probably experience some form of writer’s block...

Writers, artists, poets, don’t worry so much about being original.

I was staying on La Rambla in Central Barcelona when I heard that the Picasso museum was nearby. THE Picasso Museum. So my wife and I got up early and set aside an entire day. And it was worth it...

Should I Apologize For Not 

Watching Scary Movies?

When I was 15, I went over to a friend’s house where a group of us were gathering to watch a scary movie on his big-screen TV. It was a large group of people, all teenagers I knew. There was a lot of junk food in the house as well. We’d have fun, watch something slightly horrifying, maybe even cuddle with someone we had a crush on?

Growing up, my family had a house cat named Charlotte. She was an unassuming tabby, not incredibly good-looking but not ugly. She wasn’t big or small, fat or thin. She was an average cat. She had average hair, average coloring. But we loved her, and she lived to be ten years old... 

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