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Peaceful Lake

What IOP is

A combined English and outdoor-pursuits course that was founded on the principle that students need to have a deeper connection to the natural world.

Who IOP is for

Created by Jeff Hess and Peter Hoffmeister in 2005, the IOP is an opportunity for juniors and seniors at South Eugene High School.

Why IOP works

Recognizing the truths of Nature Deficit Disorder and Leave No Child Inside, the IOP is a counter-culture program, a program that combats Affluenza, teaches gratitude, survival, and encourages environmental consciousness.

How IOP works

Each trimester of the school year, we offer a seasonally-themed trip. Leading up to each trip we have related literature and writing assignments. 

IOPAdventure + Learning

Peaceful Lake

Snow trip

We read


  • Breaking Trail

  • Indian Creek Chronicles

  • Ordinary Wolves

We learn


  • Backpacking on snowshoes

  • How to build snow shelters

  • Alpine ascents

  • Fire starting and maintenance

  • Journaling narratives

Aerial View of a Mountain River

River trip

We read


  • The River Why

  • River Notes

  • Fall of the Phantom Lord

  • A Little More About Me

We learn


  • Rafting

  • Kayaking

  • River Swimming

  • Rescue

  • Leave No Trace

Desert Trees

Desert trip

We read


  • Into the Wild

  • Desert Solitaire

  • Desert Notes

We learn


  • Orienteering - day and night

  • Spelunking

  • Water acquisition and conservation

  • Rock climbing

  • Desert camping and survival structures

I O P Questions + Interest

We believe in the success of our program influencing the lives, hearts, and minds of high school students. If you're interested in adopting our curriculum for your school, please reach out. We would love to help!

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